Ask About a Banner

At Kalamazoo Banner Works, we offer you the best options and services to create the perfect banner. Whether it’s a unique, custom-printed banner, or one of our premade designs, your banner can grab the attention of passerby’s and add color to your town, business, campus, and more. If you would like more information about a flag banner or would like to get straight into ordering a banner, submit a general inquiry or reach out and request a catalog.

We offer three different stock sizes: 30″ x 94″, 30″ x 60″, and 18″ x 36″. We can do custom sizes as well so please inquire if interested.

Choosing the banner all depends on the size and strength of light poles, the physical proportions of the street in the area, and budgetary considerations. Our representatives can guide you to the correct solution.

For Light pole banners we use either Sunbrella® or Sunfield® marine acrylic, in selected colors, or 22oz white block-out vinyl and we digitally print on both of those products. We do not print double-sided pole banners using white or light colored Sunbrella/Sunfield as the images tend to “shadow” from one side to the other in the sunlight. For white and lighter colored background colors we suggest the 22oz block-out vinyl. Lighter weight vinyls, such as 13oz, are suggested for interior projects.

If cost is your biggest concern, vinyl is the way to go. If a “richer look” is a priority, we suggest marine acrylic, although we do not recommend printing on white or light-colored marine acrylic for street banners. This is because sunlight will create shadows of printed images from one side to the other. The darker marine acrylic fabrics will avoid that issue. If you require a white or light background, choose our vinyl media, which has a “block-out” liner to prevent shadowing. Which is more durable and long-lasting in the weather? Advancements in ink technology make both marine acrylic and vinyl good choices, although we prefer marine acrylic as the best value for the longer term.

The structural capabilities of your light poles as well as budget are two issues to keep in mind when considering how many banners per light pole.

Once a formal order is placed, normal lead time for our stock seasonal banners is 10-15 business days. Custom banners normally require 15-20 business days once final art has been approved. Larger orders may require additional lead time for production. Under certain conditions, an order may be expedited. Rush charges may apply.

Prices vary depending on the size of the banner, and, the number of banners. For examples of pole banner pricing visit: Shop RTP Banners

There is a four-banner minimum order for RTP (Ready to Print) stock seasonal banners. There is no minimum for custom banner orders.