Blockout Vinyl Banners

13 oz. Scrim Vinyl

This material has a smooth, matte surface and is ideal for one-sided outdoor use because of its scrim backing, providing strength and durability.

13 oz. Blockout Vinyl

Our blockout banner material is micro-textured for a smooth, highly consistent surface.

With the addition of a blockout layer in the middle of the material, this vinyl has the capability of being printed on both sides. We recommend this type of banner for indoor banner displays and tradeshow booths.

22 oz. Blockout Vinyl

A heavy-duty version of the 13 oz. blockout vinyl, this material provides superior strength and durability and can be printed on both sides. Great for pole banners, “over-the-street” banners, and stadium decorations, this material offers very low cold crack, excellent resistance to wind whip, and exceptional long life.

Acrylic Marine Textile Sunbrella® Versus 22 oz Vinyl

When printing on Marine Acrylic Material versus 22 oz Vinyl Material there are some notes to be known about Marine Acrylic;
-We do not print into pole pockets
-We do not print into ½” side seams
-You can only cover the banner up to 60-70% with ink
-Not suitable for photo graphics or full color design (Digital Vinyl does support)

22oz. Blockout Vinyl Banners are perfect for; Indoors, Outdoors, Large Format, and Photo Realistic Banner Projects

Recommended Applications
Available Materials Interior Applications Exterior Applications Horizontal Applications Double Sided Printing
13 oz. Banner Vinyl    
13 oz. Blackout Vinyl    
22 oz. Blackout Vinyl        
Marine Acrylic Textile        √*