Celebrate School Spirit with a Recognizable Banner Design

With the school year back upon us, it’s time for school events, and, with the right banner design, you can increase school spirit, and even raise awareness for the events you’re planning. Kalamazoo Banner Works has crafted custom banners for customers for over 20 years, so you know we’ll craft the perfect design to meet your needs.

Banner choice

At Kalamazoo Banner Works, we can craft either screen printed or digitally printed banners for your ideal banner designs. If you want banners outside your school buildings for long-term use, screen printed banners offer the best durability and fade resistance to keep your schools colors bold and bright for longer. However, if you have a more complicated design because of a logo, picture, etc., digital printing can give you a photographic look through digital imaging. No matter what you need to bring out school spirit for your students, Kalamazoo Banner Works can help make your ideas a reality.

Scheduled events

When you have school events that occur every year, getting a banner for them is the perfect way to get students excited year after year. By making a general message banner for events like Homecoming, high school and even college students can get excited again and again for the big game if it’s hosted at home by a simple remind through printed banners. Any event you know is happening every year are the best investment with your banner purchases, as they can be put up and taken down whenever the event comes around.

The first street banner company in the United States to sell worldwide, you know you can trust Kalamazoo Banner Works to craft the perfect banner design for your school. When you’re looking for a way to bring your school colors out more and increase school spirit for students, Kalamazoo Banner Works has the skills you need.