Reach Greater Heights


“Reach Greater Heights” was created and designed by Michelle Miki Kinoshita of San Jose, California and received an Honorable Mention in the judged competition.

“I am an illustrator based in San Jose who is currently pursuing a BFA in illustration. I am interested in making the world more colorful by creating interesting designs for everyday people. My background is in watercolor and traditional media but I am currently transitioning into digital mediums. I entered this competition to make biking more appealing to a younger audience and to promote a healthy lifestyle for the next generation.”

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Kalamazoo, Michigan — Bike Friendly Kalamazoo (BFK) is pleased to announce the winners of its Public Bike Art Competition for 2020. The art is intended for display on banners mounted on public lamp poles, with themes evoking the joys of bicycling. Banners are printed on two sides.

Proceeds from the sale of the banners will raise funds for bicycling education, awareness-building and safety. “Consort Display Group is honored to be working with Bike Friendly Kalamazoo to make a selection of the winning designs available for purchase,” commented Roger Lepley, its president. “As a long-time supporter of Bike Friendly Kalamazoo headquartered in Kalamazoo (MI) we love the idea that public artistic displays can lead to more bicycle-friendly communities.”

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