The Best: Not Always the Most Expensive – KBW Banner Brackets Are a Bargain

Because Kalamazoo Banner Works’ BannerFlex Banner Brackets are literally the leading and most trusted products in the street light banner bracket business, most people assume they are also the most expensive.

Not true.

There are two main reasons this assumption is false. First of all, the actual US dollar cost of our BannerFlex products are in the mid-price range of banner brackets. Even though they are superior, this is possible because they are designed using contemporary technology and materials, resulting in high strength and high efficiency profiles for the castings and greater flexibility in the arms.

Our products are designed by professional engineers and industrial designers using the latest in CAD formats to take advantage of modern material-attributes versus mechanics and machinery, in order to reduce wind force.

I say this because many of our competitors are producing “under-design” or “over-design” consisting of either not-quite-enough strength or more-than-enough strength – the latter example resulting from heavy castings and / or big spring-mechanisms with too many parts, culminating in higher prices, higher shipping costs and eventually maintenance and costly repairs, because mechanical gizmos always require upkeep.

Secondly, based on life-cycle-assessment, KBW products are not the most expensive because of the long-term durability and proven track record of astute design and superior manufacturing.

Our ten-year warranty is a perfect example of our commitment to provide excellence at a reasonable cost. Because of our technology-base and 27-year experience, we are comfortable with offering a decade of warranty for Kalamazoo Banner Works banner bracket hardware.

If you have a problem, we will replace the product. We only ask for a photo or two and a reasonable description of weather or traffic conditions (we don’t warranty brackets being hit by trucks but if you don’t think that’s what happened, we will believe you and you are covered).


So there you have it. KBW – superior quality, service and value.


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Roger Lepley