Set Up Parade Paths with Effective Digital Banners

If you are planning an annual parade this fall, you can guide floats and viewers along its path using effective digital banners from Kalamazoo Banner Works. Parades are always a fun community event, but sometimes the route changes from year to year, confusing those who are coming to attend. One easy way that you can help any visitors who have not checked the current year’s route, you can help them understand where it is going easier through the use of bright and colorful digital banners. By hanging banners along the parade route before the event, visitors will know exactly where they can set up to watch the festivities.

Digital banner designs of all kinds

Depending on what your parade’s theme is, Kalamazoo Banner Works can offer a variety of digital banner designs to match! If it is simply a fall celebration, we have a large selection of ready-to-print street banner designs that you can take advantage of here. If your parade has a theme that is more specific, and you would like to implement your own designs into the process, we can still help! Simply reach out to us after using our art preparation template, and we can help you use whatever design your team has come with to create a great banner for your event.

Easy installation with the right hardware

The sister company of Kalamazoo Banner Works, BannerFlex, has all the hardware that our customers need to get their banners hung easily before their event. With the banner bracket hardware and bracket installation tool that they have to offer, the banners that we create for your event can more easily be installed on light poles, walls, and more for you to get out your message effectively. If you need any guidance on how to best use our products together, do not hesitate to reach out to their team and they will help you through the process of setting up quality street banners.

With decades of experience designing the most effective banners for use outdoors, Kalamazoo Banner Works can provide you with the best banners this fall for any parades that are coming up this year or years in the future. Through quality designs on hardy banners that will last you year after year, KBW provides everything you need for a successful parade this fall season. Contact us today to get started on an order or learn more!